Five Top Tips for Renting with Pets

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If you are one of many tenants looking to rent a property where you can take your pets with you this handy guide might well help. Many landlords choose not to allow pets in their properties for all the obvious reasons such as the mess, noise and inconvenience that can occur when animals are in tow.

So to get started on the right foot it is always best to be upfront about your animals with any letting agent. It saves a lot of time and worry later if you have the proper permissions and have made your pet part of any property search criteria.

At Helen Breeze we will often know straight away which Landlords are happy to accept pets and those that will judge the decision on a one-to-one basis. However these follow tips can help:

  1. Be prepared to pay an extra depositSome landlords, if they will consider pets, may look more favourable on the decision if you are willing to pay an extra deposit for any damage your pet may cause. Extra cleaning costs will no doubt be required as the next tenant may not be so in love with the fur/smell that some four-legged friends leave behind.
  2. Bring Back UpIf you have rented a property before with your pet and your landlord was entirely happy with its behaviour then ask them to include your furry friend in the reference. At least that way your landlord does have some comfort in knowing it’s not going to tear the house down in the first week.
  3. Keep the Noise DownPets, especially dogs, being left unattended are the biggest cause of stress for neighbours, who will then expect your landlord to do something about it. If you need to leave your dog for long periods be absolutely sure that it doesn’t become a source of annoyance to any neighbours.
  4. Find the Right PropertyMatching your rental home to your pet is essential. Be realistic about the property type and size. If you have a Doberman, approaching the Landlord of a one-bed flat on the third floor isn’t likely to get a favourable response. Most Landlords will only consider pets in homes with gardens.
  5. Be prepared for a bit of a waitDon’t rush into the nearest Letting Agent and expect to find an endless choice of suitable properties. Like any home search the right property will be out there but it might not be ready and waiting for you. The more time you have alongside a willingness to be totally flexible about the choice of accommodation will give you the best chance of securing somewhere for you and your beloved pet.

Happy house hunting!


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