Help to find emergency housing for families affected by floods

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The trauma of being flooded continues long after the waters have receded and staff at Helen Breeze know this more than most. Over the years they helped re-house local residents affected by flash floods.

Diane Hopkins, a partner in the firm knows first hand what a devastating effect flooding has. She too had to live in temporary accommodation whilst her own home was cleared of flood damage. She says “I know exactly how tenants feel when they come to us. The anxiety of having to move home whilst worrying about what you’ve left behind can be exhausting”.  

The team at HBPM housed seven families as a result of the flooding within Kent and continue to help families find new or temporary homes when disaster strikes.

Partner, Hilary Breeze says “We usually manage to house most emergency applicants within one to two weeks of their initial application. Moving house can be stressful at the best of times but having to leave your home in an emergency makes it so much more upsetting. Many people have lost valued personal possessions and so we try to make the realities of moving that much easier.”

One family who turned to HBPM for support said “without the team at HBPM we would have been totally lost. From the very first phone call to their office they offered us fantastic assistance and very quickly found us a new home. We are really very grateful for their quick actions, empathy and understanding”.

If you require emergency housing then please give our team a call on 01732 740789.

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