Protecting your property when on holiday

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If you are going away on holiday, or for a short period of time, it really is a good idea to think about security. In a recent insurance survey ex-burglars revealed the key things that put them off targeting a home, most of which can be simply installed quickly and easily. So here are our top tips.

1. Lock Up Properly
It sounds like an obvious one but many people simply slam the front door and rely on the night latch when they leave home. Make sure you use all mortice locks and bolts and that you lock all the windows, especially on the ground floor.

2. Get a Burglar Alarm
Relatively cheap and easy to install an alarm will definietly deter the average burglar. Wireless burglar alarm kits can be picked up at a starting price of around £100 so for the same cost as your bill at Cote Brasserie you can make sure your property will be protected whilst you are out enjoying dinner.

3. Keep an eye out with CCTV
CCTV cameras are all around us now – you’ve probably been on a few today. Yet surprisingly many of us don’t have one at home even though 22% of burglars in the survey said that CCTV would deter them immediately. Not only can you protect the outside of your home, including the driveway and front door, but hallways and external buildings can be monitored as well, in some cases all from your mobile phone.

4. Keep Well Lit
Motion sensor lighting is perfect for the front of your home and your garden, especially if you back onto communal areas or are in quieter locations. No would-be thief wants a light shining down on them so they make a quick and easy deterrent. Setting up internal lights with timers on are a good way of making your home look occupied after dark.

5. Hide that spare key!
Checking under doormats and in plant pots by the front door is ideal for chancers looking for spare door keys. Use a key hider, some are designed to look like rocks, that can be hidden in the front or back garden for making sure you have a spare that is hard to find for those not in the know.


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