Are you ready? Fitness for Human Habitation Act – Landlord Checklist

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On the 20th March a revised law (already within Section 8 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985) comes into force which outlines 29 hazards, defined in the HHSRS, which could make a home unsafe.

The Act is designed to ensure that all rented accommodation is fit for human habitation and to strengthen tenants’ means of redress against the minority of landlords who do not fulfil their legal obligations to keep their properties safe.

These hazards will determine whether a property passes or fails a fitness for human habitation test. If a landlord fails to comply with the Act, tenants may have the right to take court action for breach of contract.

The 29 hazards are:

1. Damp and mould growth

2. Excess cold

3. Excess heat

4. Asbestos and MMF

5. Biocides

6. Carbon monoxide and fuel combustion products

7. Lead

8. Radiation

9. Uncombusted fuel gas

10. Volatile organic compounds

11. Crowding and space

12. Entry by intruders

13. Lighting

14. Noise

15. Domestic hygiene, pests and refuse

16. Food safety

17. Personal hygiene, sanitation and drainage

18. Water supply

19. Falls associated with baths

20. Falls on level surfaces

21. Falls associated with stairs and ramps

22. Falls between levels

23. Electrical hazards

24. Fire

25. Flames, hot surfaces and materials

26. Collision and entrapment

27. Explosions

28. Poor ergonomics

29. Structural collapse and falling elements

If you are concerned whether or not your rental properties meet the standards then please contact our management team for more information.

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